Savic Spelos Metro Cage, X-Large
Savic Spelos Metro Cage, X-Large

Savic Spelos Metro Cage, X-Large


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Product Description

Savic Hamster Cage Spelos XL Metro
Hamster Cage Spelos XL Metro from Savic is an elegant and modern cage, suitable for (dwarf) hamsters or mice. The cage has a high base and a plastic top level with bars. Thanks to the high-rimmed structure, you can use a good layer of litter, stimulating your pet’s natural burrowing behaviour. Because the cage is largely made of plastic, it keeps the area around the cage clean. Using a handy click system, the hamster cage can be easily taken apart to be cleaned. The wired part at the top also provides the cage with plenty of ventilation.

The hamster cage comes with a brightly coloured plateau, exercise wheel, feeding bowl, drinking bottle and tube set (3 tubes). For an additional challenge, extra tubes can be attached to the cage. (These tubes can be found in the Savic Hamster Cage Spelos).

Key features
Made from durable plastic, easy to clean
Suitable for (dwarf) hamsters or mice
The cage contains two side openings to attach tunnels to (3 tubes come with the cage)

Approx. 59 x 37 x 26 cm


  • Modern elegantly shaped mice and dwarf hamster cage
  • Can also be used for 1 hamster
  • Home environment around cage stays clean thanks to plastic hood which keeps cage litter inside
  • Equipped with play tunnel, platform, feeding bowl, drinking bottle and excercise wheel
  • Good ventilation in cage
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