Ø 21 cm Rodipet® Evolution Wooden Hamster Wheel +KORK
Ø 21 cm Rodipet® Evolution Wooden Hamster Wheel +KORKØ 21 cm Rodipet® Evolution Wooden Hamster Wheel +KORK

Ø 21 cm Rodipet® Evolution Wooden Hamster Wheel +KORK


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Product Description

Exercise wheel with ball bearings for dwarf hamsters and mice

The Evolution Wooden Hamster Wheel +KORK is a Rodipet® product designed with your pet’s safety in mind:

• The diameter of 21 cm (ca. 8 in) is fairly large for most dwarf hamsters and mice. This means that your pet’s spine is not forced into an unnatural curvature while running.
• The running track is a continuous sheet of cork. On it, your pet finds a firm foothold without dangerous cracks or stumbling blocks.
• The non-tipping pedestal gives this exercise wheel a firm stand without requiring a wheel suspension at the front – thus, there is no danger of your pet injuring or losing a limb through scissor effects.

And the Evolution has advantages for its human user as well:

• The natural water-resistant properties of the cork make the running track easy to clean.
• Particularly the running drum, being made from hard beech wood, resists your pet’s gnawing teeth very well. The other wooden parts are made from firm birch wood, which is also very durable.
• The ball bearings are easily replaceable, so if they reach the end of their life span you do not have to replace the entire hamster wheel.
• The noise level reached by this exercise wheel during normal use averages around 40 dB, which is no louder than an average computer’s fans.

Please note that the Evolution running wheel is made from untreated wood, which changes its shape very slightly during normal use. The wheel will therefore never be perfectly round. This is intentional, as it leads to your pet’s paws moving in a more natural fashion.

Measurements and details:

Width: 22 cm (ca. 8.7 in)
Depth: 14 cm (ca. 5.5 in)
Height: 25.5 – 34.5 cm (ca. 10.4 – 13.6 in)
Running track width: 6.5 cm (ca. 2.6 in)

Rodipet recommends this product for:

Pets between 5 cm (ca. 2 in) and 12 cm (ca. 4.7 in) body length,


  • Made in Germany
  • Comfortable cork running track
  • Made from beech and birch woods
  • With dual ball bearings
  • Resists gnawing
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