Humphrey's Book of Summer Fun
Humphrey's Book of Summer FunHumphrey's Book of Summer Fun

Humphrey’s Book of Summer Fun


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Dear friends, I Love-Love-Love being the classroom hamster in Room 26, Longfellow School. I’ve learned a lot about reading, writing, maths and making friends…and I’ve had amazing adventures in and out of my cage, too. But I also love solving puzzles and riddles in the tiny notebook I keep hidden in my cage. They’re not always easy but if I wiggle my whiskers and scratch my furry head for a while, I usually can solve them. To keep you busy on your summer holidays, I’m sharing some of my favourites in this fun-filled book so you can find out if you’re as smart as a hamster! (I’ll bet you are.). Your puzzle-loving pal, Humphrey.

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