30 cm diameter Hamster Wheel Wodent Wheel White/Purple

30 cm diameter Hamster Wheel Wodent Wheel White/Purple


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Product Description

The diameter 30 cm Wodent wheel Our dogs and other animals, hamster wheel has been set against the backdrop develops a as safe and Tiergerechtes wheel as possible. It has design safe to use for all animals less than 22 cm in length. It has an inner diameter of approx. 30 cm, an internal width of 11 cm, is non-toxic, produces no sharp splinters and has no scissors effects on.
Animal contoured & safe running fun
High-quality materials and workmanship, made in the USA, the corner column are the many years ‘Erfolgssgeschichte the constantly high quality of the Wodent WheelsTM.
The plastic has been designed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Not harmful to your health and is food-safe. As a single wheel in the world has been Woden Eelt goal keeping of the ASPCA (American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) is recommended.
Easy to clean
The wheel is completely removable. It is therefore very hygienic. Front and back are removable. This makes it possible to clean the wheel from the inside Very Little Effort. This is particularly interesting for Heimtierhalter their Pfleglinge the habit of in the balance bike to Urinieren.
Closed and flat tread
The working surface and one side of the wheel are fully closed. The working surface is only lightly ridged to provide enough grip whilst running. Tripping Hazard so are completely eliminated.
Dimensions and data
Running drum: Diameter 30 cm, width: 11 cm.
Exterior: Height: 33 cm, width: 37 cm, depth 18 cm
Rodipet recommends this product for
Animals between 10 cm and 22 cm Height, such as Syrian hamsters, gerbils, degus, u.v.a.m.


  • Easy to clean
  • Long service life
  • No scissors effect
  • Safe running surface
  • Total height: 33 cm
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