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The following is a list of things you will need for your hamster:

Cage - Suitable for the type of hamster you will buy.

Wheel - This is a must for a hamster cage. In the wild hamsters will run for many miles in one night. It will also stop your hamster from becoming bored.

Water Bottle - This must be provided at all times. Water bowls shouldn't be used as the water can easily become dirty and if bedding ends up in it it can soak the whole cage. Bowls are also dangerous around young hamster as they can drown.

Food Bowl - These aren't essential as some people will scatter the hamster food around the cage. But this can make it hard to remove uneaten food and you are also unable to check how much the hamster has eaten.

Floor Covering - The best type for this is Aspen shavings or Carefresh. These are both safe for your hamster. Many pet shops will sell Cedar and Pine shavings and will say they're fine to use when in fact they're not. They both contain phenols which are harmful to hamsters overtime.

Bedding - I find the cheapest the best bedding for hamsters is unscented plain white toilet paper. Hamster love to shred this and sleep in it. Shredded paper can also be used from pet shops but this is more expensive. You should avoid any of the following beddings as they will harm your hamster: Newspaper/Printed Paper, Fluffy Bedding, Cotton Wool.

Chews - Hamster teeth continue to grow throughout their life so they need something hard to chew on to keep them trimmed. Many pet shops sell special made hamster wood chews or mineral stones. I find hamsters enjoy hard dog biscuit treats, but make sure they contain no garlic as this is harmful to hamsters.

Food - Any nutritional hamster food.



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